Idelic launches SafeView

Idelic launches SafeView

SafeView paves the way for users to dive deep into extensive data sets without the need for additional IT or business analyst support

Idelic, a provider of advanced driver performance management solutions, announced the launch of SafeView, a transformative business intelligence and analytics module designed to provide trucking fleets with the deepest and most insightful views into potential risks using their driver safety data.

Commercial trucking professionals continue to struggle to fully understand the multitude of factors impacting their driver safety programs. Data collection and analysis is time-consuming, requires specialized analytical expertise, and often lacks the necessary industry context to drive informed decisions. SafeView solves all of these problems, leveraging the vast amounts of data that each fleet has already integrated into Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform to produce intuitive and insightful visualizations, impact analyses, trend monitors, and industry benchmarks.

Jeff McKinney, GTI Group’s Vice President of Safety, said, “The new dashboards are incredibly adaptable, and the way they break down trends has completely changed how my team operates. McKinney added, “We can now make faster, smarter decisions based on real data. Plus, the tool is so precise, it helps us spot high-risk situations, which means we can act more effectively to ensure safety.”

This unprecedented visibility and context empower companies to allocate their driver safety resources more efficiently by pinpointing high-risk geographies or terminals, measuring the impact of risk-reducing initiatives, and eliminating the need for costly business analysts. In addition to the current analytics and reporting capabilities, fully customizable safety scorecards will be released later this year, enabling yet another way for fleets to more easily monitor their safety programs and enable their reward and recognition programs.

Chris McMahan, Safety Director at Dunavant Transportation Group, said of SafeView, “Prior to implementing Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform, we were spending countless hours mining data from several locations. Idelic’s SafeView module puts metrics and reporting at your fingertips with only a few mouse clicks. I’ve never worked with a better product or group of people.”

SafeView stands out by reinforcing Idelic’s unwavering commitment to centralizing safety performance data and delivering actionable insights to reduce crashes and lower losses. It paves the way for users to dive deep into extensive data sets without the need for additional IT or business analyst support, making it an invaluable asset to how fleets run their organization and exemplifying Idelic’s continued commitment to providing practical, technology-driven solutions for the fleet industry.

Brian Filip, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product at Idelic, said, “Idelic has invested heavily for many years to ensure that Safety Suite is the most effective way to aggregate your driver safety data into one standard location and to use that data to execute the most effective driver safety program possible. This rich dataset, now optimized in our new data lake and data warehouses, can provide our customers with unprecedented visibility into their driver safety program. SafeView unlocks the potential of that data and makes it simple to access and understand. It’s like hiring a new business analyst with 20 years of experience and a briefcase full of benchmarking data.”