IZEA introduces Dynamic Content Requests in IZEA Flex

IZEA introduces Dynamic Content Requests in IZEA Flex

The new feature helps marketers easily gather, measure, and license both organic and sponsored content

IZEA Worldwide, Inc., the provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services, announced the release of Dynamic Content Requests in IZEA Flex, its comprehensive influencer marketing platform. With Dynamic Content Requests, marketers using IZEA Flex can solicit content submissions from both the paid influencers they work with as well as those creators who are publishing content about their brand organically. The new feature adds to IZEA Flex’s seamless creator experience that allows marketers and creators to collaborate with ease.

Paid Content Collection

Marketers can invite paid creators to submit content via email invitation or custom shortlinks that can be distributed via social media DM or other means. The system prompts influencers to upload their content, automatically associating it with the proper campaign, handle, and contact record within Flex.

Organic Content Licensing

Marketers can publicly distribute a content request on their website or social feed for broader solicitation of organic content. Submissions through the system grant marketers a usage license, allowing the marketer to republish the content on their own social media handles, so long as they credit the creator. Those who submit content via an organic content request automatically become a Flex contact, giving them a direct relationship with the brand for future sponsorship opportunities.

Dynamic Content Requests make gathering content easy for marketers and creators alike, with no requirement for creators to register for the platform. Content can be submitted through the system via URL or manual upload, with support for text, photos, and videos.

High-Quality Source Materials

In addition to live, published content, Dynamic Content Requests support the collection and submission of high-quality original photos, videos, and other production assets. These assets allow marketers to utilize influencer-produced content in a variety of ways, from paid social media ads to print marketing collateral.

Automatic Measurement and Analysis

Once paid or organic content is submitted in Flex, this content is actively measured for engagement. Marketers can associate the content with other Flex modules for advanced campaign performance tracking and insights.

“At IZEA, we understand the power of both paid and organic content,” said Ted Murphy, IZEA’s Founder and CEO. “With our new Dynamic Content Requests in IZEA Flex, we’re making it easier than ever for marketers to harness this power by streamlining the process of gathering, measuring, and licensing content. We’re not just simplifying the process; we’re enhancing it, providing high-quality source materials and automatic measurement and analysis. It’s the best of both worlds, brought together in one dynamic platform.”