Instacart Uncovers Ads on Its AI-Powered Smart Carts

This first-of-its-kind advertising opportunity connects brands and retailers with customers directly in the aisles.

Instacart, a grocery technology company in North America, announced it is expanding its advertising solutions to Caper Carts, the company’s AI-powered smart carts. Instacart will begin piloting ads on Caper Carts at Good Food Holdings banner stores, bringing personalized and dynamic recommendations into the physical aisles of the grocery store. 

Ads on Caper Carts will soon give customers more customized recommendations and introduce experiences to help them discover new brands and products. This first-of-its-kind advertising opportunity connects brands and retailers with customers directly in the aisles – who, on average, spend more than 30 minutes shopping in-store with a Caper Cart.

Fidji Simo, CEO and Chair of Instacart, said, “Our acquisition of Caper has been a core part of our strategic evolution to support retailers and brands not just online but also in-store. It was one of the first major decisions I made as CEO of the company as we launched our Connected Stores technologies, and today we’re excited to introduce the next phase of this work with a new advertising solution that will further enable thousands of CPG brands to connect with high-intent customers with measurable results — in all the ways people choose to shop,” 

“Today’s announcement expands on the success of our advertising solutions and smart carts to power a more inspirational, connected in-store shopping experience for customers. We’re proud to bring these solutions in-store for the first time for our CPG brand partners, while simultaneously offering new revenue opportunities for our retail partners,”  Simo added. 

Neil Stern, Chief Executive Officer of Good Food Holdings, said, “Since deploying Caper Carts last year, we’ve been incredibly excited to provide our customers with a greater personalized experience while driving value as they shop. With the introduction of ads on Caper Carts, we’ll soon be able to unlock a new, incremental revenue stream while offering customers valuable suggestions and promotions from our brand partners.”

For the first time, ads on Caper Carts will bring an entirely new personalized ads experience from Instacart’s CPG brand partners to the smart cart screens, with launch partners including Del Monte Foods, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, and General Mills.