Jasper Launches Partnership Program for Marketing Agencies

Jasper Launches Partnership Program for Marketing Agencies

The program will help marketing service providers shift how they manage and track impact to clients, focusing on value delivered over hours.

Jasper, an end-to-end AI copilot for better marketing outcomes, has introduced the launch of its Solutions Partner Program. 

The advancement of generative AI has come with both opportunities and risks for traditional marketing agencies. Jasper’s Solutions Partner Program – which will be the first of its kind for generative AI companies – will work with marketing agencies as they evolve their service offerings, AI expertise, and pricing structures. 

One of the early models coming out of the program is the evolution from an hours-based approach to a value-based one in how they price and deliver services.

“Marketing agencies have always been early pioneers in emerging technologies, and we’ve seen them lead the discourse in responsible AI as well. But this isn’t just a new tool, AI will mean major shifts in how marketing agencies structure their work, charge for their services, and advise companies,” said Al Biedrzycki, director of the Solutions Partner Program.

 “We’ve found a collection of early leaders who are shaping how the future marketing agency will operate and are excited to launch a program that could be a model for how the agency world evolves.”

The program, which has been in a pilot phase for several months, works with marketing service providers on developing their AI strategies and in-house expertise. After training on Jasper’s copilot, standards for security and responsible use of AI with client-work, marketing agencies in the program can pass a certification and become Jasper partners. Once a partner, marketing agencies are offered a revenue share model of up to 50 percent for any clients they introduce to Jasper who become Jasper business customers. Jasper will also tap into the network of solutions partners when referring customers to agencies experienced in AI strategy.

The program will help marketing service providers shift how they manage and track impact to clients, focusing on value delivered over hours. Early solutions partners have been able to deliver work 50% faster, improving margins on content production by nearly 50% by integrating generative AI into their service offerings. They’ve also found better alignment with their customers’ messaging because working together using the Jasper Copilot they can automatically root all content produced in the client’s brand voice, style guide, and core company knowledge. 

The program promises a multifaceted opportunity for service providers. As businesses worldwide strive to understand how AI can deliver value to their customers, a trusted Jasper Solutions Partner can guide them through the complex landscape. Partners can provide invaluable support in areas such as the implementation and optimization of the Jasper platform, aligning it with a business’ brand voice, and using Jasper to deliver marketing outputs on behalf of a client, wherever customers are creating content. Human-led services, such as style guide creation, brand strategy and technical implementation, will continue to play a vital role. Marketing agencies can also provide guidance as marketing strategies like search engine optimization will radically evolve in the coming years.

The Solutions Partner Program has launched with more than 20 certified partners enlisted, including Intelligent Demand, Intercept and The Pedowitz Group.

Andrew Au, Managing Partner from Intercept, shares his enthusiasm for the program stating, “We are thrilled to put Jasper at the center of our AI offerings. As an agency that specializes in the tech sector, we knew early on that AI would transform marketing, and that mastering it would require the fusion of human ingenuity and AI-assisted production. With Jasper, we can do just that, delivering higher-impact marketing content for our clients with efficiency, precision and scale.”