MadCap Adds ChatGPT to MadCap Central with AI Assist

MadCap Adds ChatGPT to MadCap Central with AI Assist

It is a content management platform with integrated ChatGPT functionality optimized for authors and editors of technical content.

MadCap Software, a multichannel content authoring, management, and publishing provider, has released the MadCap Central content management platform featuring AI Assist.

It is a content management platform with integrated ChatGPT functionality optimized for authors and editors of technical content, such as documentation websites, knowledge bases, online help, policy manuals, and training.

With AI Assist, MadCap Central users can do the following:

  • Make requests to ChatGPT and receive responses directly in MadCap Central;
  • Train ChatGPT on existing content to receive responses in the company’s voice;
  • Edit and format the ChatGPT responses in the AI Assist interface;
  • Click to insert the text directly into a document on MadCap Central;
  • View the difference between original content and text edited by ChatGPT and
  • Translate content directly in the Content Editor.

“Technical writers, trainers, and other content developers face greater pressure than ever to keep pace with changes to their business, from new products and services to improved best practices and evolving government and industry reporting mandates,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap Software’s founder and CEO, in a statement. “With the addition of AI Assist to our MadCap Central content management platform, we are empowering these highly skilled professionals to harness the power of ChatGPT in an integrated, controlled, and relevant way to deliver content faster while complying with company standards.”

MadCap Central with AI Assis allows customers to connect their MadCap Central licenses to ChatGPT, insert ChatGPT responses into topics and snippets, or even replace existing text that was initially selected. Additionally, when a user receives a ChatGPT response, AI Assist opens a toolbar for editing the response, such as setting styles, applying bulleted or numbered lists, inserting images, and adding tables. Meanwhile, the Diff feature in AI Assist enables authors and editors to see the differences between the original content and the revised text from a ChatGPT response.

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AI Assist documentation provides examples of how to use ChatGPT to produce new content, rewrite content, enforce style guide rules, fact-check, provide feedback, optimize for search engines (SEO), summarize text or videos, create regular expressions, use the corporate voice, translate content, and write scripts and code.

In addition to AI Assist, the latest version of MadCap Central features enhancements to the Content Editor to copy and paste content within MadCap Central. Formatting is retained when copying and pasting text. Table formatting is retained when copying and pasting tables within and between files in MadCap Central. Images can be copied and pasted when they are located in the same MadCap Central topic or snippet.

With the new release, users can also drag and drop images into a topic or snippet on MadCap Central rather than having to insert image files.