MediaPlatform Optimizes Live and On-Demand Video Delivery

Citrix customers further optimize their delivery capabilities using MediaPlatform Edge eCDN software.

MediaPlatform announced re-certification of its product suite to operate across Citrix Virtual Desktop, Citrix Workspace App and Citrix Virtual App, now giving companies in the financial services, managed services and healthcare industries new ability to delivery very high quality live, interactive experiences across their in-office and remote workforces.

MediaPlatform is a platform used by Global 2000 executives to deliver television-broadcast quality, highly customized experiences commensurate with their global brand standards. Designed for premium-quality, mission-critical CEO Town Halls and other company-wide live video streaming events. 

MediaPlatform’s enterprise video suite gives corporate event producers professional media production capabilities right from within their browser, including the ability to add, layer, resize, remove video, text, images, and interactive elements like sentiment voting, Q&A, polls, surveys – before and even during a live webcast via a simple widget-based, drag and drop process.

MediaPlatform’s network-agnostic video delivery approach – including its support for Citrix environments – is the cornerstone supporting its ability to reliably webcast HD-quality live or on-demand video to massive online audiences including those in bandwidth challenged locations and/or from multiple devices.

MediaPlatform’s network-agnostic video delivery capabilities leverage MediaPlatform Smartpath, which provides a framework for format and adaptive bitrate streaming delivery and failover distribution rules optimized for the enterprise’s specific network conditions. 

Smartpath acts as an overlay network that uses a rule-based IP address analysis to assign a compatible stream across a variety of end point distribution technologies – from VPNs, LANs Wi-Fi and eCDNs behind-the-firewall, to external peering providers and CDNs – and across desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

Citrix customers further optimize their delivery capabilities using MediaPlatform Edge® eCDN software. MediaPlatform Edge is a secure stream splitting/caching video engine that not only stream splits live video content but also allows for pre-positioning and caching of on-demand video content. The software can be deployed as a company-wide eCDN, intelligently peering to comprise an organization-wide eCDN for all video streaming.

“We continue to invest in innovation and engineering to ensure our clients can leverage dynamic, interactive video experiences across a wide range of network technologies,” said Mike Newman, CEO of MediaPlatform. “By re-certifying our products to interoperate with Citrix we can better serve our banking and financial services and healthcare clients, among others,” he said.