Medscape Global Launches Innovative Programmatic Offering

Medscape Global Launches Innovative Programmatic Offering

Medscape Global debuts innovative programmatic offerings, setting a new standard in targeted HCP Engagement in the United Kingdom, European Union, and Canada. 

Medscape, a provider of healthcare information globally, and PulsePoint, which offers a marketing technology platform, are integrating their capabilities to introduce Medscape Extend. For the first time, this innovative solution empowers marketers to accurately reach and message verified healthcare professionals (HCPs) across the internet in the UK, EU, and Canada. With Medscape Extend, Medscape has integrated its highly engaged and authenticated HCP membership with PulsePoint’s programmatic targeting capabilities into a single platform that enables the delivery of advertising to HCPs across all digital media touchpoints.

“The global pharma media industry is transforming positively, with publishers, agencies and clients pushing for increasingly intelligent approaches to prescription brand challenges. Medscape Extend is a brilliant addition to this and opens the door to creative media campaigns both on and off the Medscape Professional Network,” said Richard Springham, Managing Director, Initiative Health. “The ability to target verified HCPs multi-dimensionally across their entire media journey is a key facet of modern HCP media campaigns. The team at Medscape has been able to build this in a connected, compliant, and scalable way. I’m excited to see how planners across the industry use Medscape Extend creatively in campaigns.”

“With this launch, we’re excited to continue delivering the market high-quality audiences with scale, transparency, and real-time optimization. There’s a huge upside for advertisers looking to reach healthcare professionals in Europe and Canada,” said Jeremy Schneider, Group General Manager of WebMD Global. “Medscape Extend represents our commitment to innovation in advertising.  As technology has evolved and data capabilities have gotten more precise, advertisers demand greater targeting sophistication and automated technologies in addition to the value of direct media.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical marketing, it is crucial to reach healthcare professionals with targeted and relevant content wherever they engage. One powerful tool in the arsenal of global pharma marketers remains messaging HCPs on endemic sites like the Medscape Everywhere network. However, with Medscape Extend, marketers can now extend this marketing strategy across the open internet and in a manner that is fully compliant with the necessary European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) consent.