MessageGears to Integrate with the Snowflake Data Cloud

MessageGears to Integrate with the Snowflake Data Cloud

The enterprise customer engagement platform will operate within Snowflake, gaining fast access to business data.

Enterprise customer engagement platform MessageGears has expanded its partnership with data cloud Snowflake to run MessageGears within Snowflake. This will allow brands using the Snowflake platform to execute campaigns faster and more securely.

MessageGears primarily serves large consumer brands like Expedia, Rakuten and T-Mobile. It will run on Snowflake using Snowpark Container Services, an offering that allows users to manage data within the security and governance boundaries of Snowflake, requiring zero data movement.

Benefits for Snowflake users. MessageGears outlined the following benefits to users in a release:

  • No data mapping or movement required.
  • A fully managed cloud environment.
  • Protection from Snowflake’s security model.

Why we care. We are seeing a trend expanding before our eyes. Snowflake has played a leading role among data clouds in partnering with customer data platforms, allowing them to access business data within Snowflake without the need to copy or move data into the CDP itself.

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MessageGears is not a CDP. It’s an omnichannel customer engagement platform, such as Braze and Iterable. Will we see players in this category go the composable route and integrate, not just with Snowflake but with other data clouds? And which category will be next?