The Starr Conspiracy Releases of AI Research Assistant

The Starr Conspiracy Releases of AI Research Assistant

The Starr Conspiracy, a brand, marketing and go-to-market strategy provider for Work Tech companies, announced a new AI assistant for Work Tech market research. Ocho, a custom-built chatbot, leverages advanced GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology to enhance the quality and scale of data insights.

Ashley Bernard, co-CEO of The Starr Conspiracy, said, “For the last quarter century, we have been mapping the world of Work Tech. Work Tech companies, private equity firms, venture capitalists, and others have repeatedly told us that our market research is more complete and accurate than any other source. With Ocho, we have increased the scope and granularity of our analysis by an order of magnitude.”

Bret Starr, Founder and co-CEO of The Starr Conspiracy, said, “The real magic of The Starr Conspiracy is that we know as much about Work Tech as we know about marketing. And we know as much about marketing as we know about Work Tech! You have to know both to achieve extraordinary outcomes in this very competitive field. Ocho is just another example of our drive to combine marketing expertise with industry expertise in innovative ways that deliver a huge advantage to our Work Tech clients.”

Ocho offers a unique advantage in Work Tech market research by leveraging The Starr Conspiracy’s 25-year collection of specialized data and top-tier licensed sources. This unmatched knowledge base is skillfully analyzed through AI, expertly trained, and fine-tuned to identify and classify Work Tech companies. Ocho provides clear, detailed insights into companies, market trends, and solution capabilities, making it an invaluable tool in understanding the Work Tech landscape.

Ocho is revolutionizing market research for a diverse range of users. It’s an essential tool for Work Tech companies strategizing their market entry, competitive positioning or go-to-market strategy. The AI research assistant is also helping investment firms create better market landscapes and identify off-the-radar opportunities.

The Starr Conspiracy already uses Ocho to enhance client outcomes in a wide range of projects where market research is key. The chatbot’s unique, open-ended design enables strategists to pursue novel and creative lines of inquiry that can be rapidly validated against Ocho’s expansive knowledge base. This is leading to groundbreaking strategies for brand, marketing, and the overall go-to-market function.

In its current version, Ocho is only available to clients of The Starr Conspiracy. The AI research assistant is utilized in select client projects by the company’s trained strategists.