Petal Ads unveiled game-changing solutions at DMEXCO 2023

Petal Ads unveiled game-changing solutions at DMEXCO 2023

Huawei’s mobile advertising ecosystem, Petal Ads, unveiled cutting-edge solutions for crafting effective digital campaigns at DMEXCO 2023. 

Petal Ads hosted a masterclass and booth to showcase their strategies and services and participated in a panel organised by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) on engaging high-value audiences.

Jaime Gonzalo, VP of Huawei Mobile Services Europe, said, “Petal Ads was thrilled to feature their two key business priorities at DMEXCO: helping brand advertisers craft compelling digital campaigns, while imbuing them with the tools to connect with high-value international audiences, mainly from China.”

Petal Ads Masterclass

Helmed by Jaime Gonzalo, the Petal Ads Masterclass emphasised the need to target high-quality users and highlighted industry leaders across sectors, including retail and automotive, who successfully blazed trails into China.

He explained that Petal Ads can help companies enter the Chinese market, given Huawei’s deep understanding of it, exclusive ownership of a large amount of high-value users, and significant influence in this market. Huawei commands the top spot for popularity in China according to YouGov Global Best Brand Ranking 2022, features a 47.4% market share in foldable smartphones, and offers exclusive access to over 500 million active users in China monthly. Furthermore, the platform offers comprehensive support with a dedicated team in Europe, from language and visuals to setup.

MMA Panel

The MMA panel featured industry experts who discussed the value of connecting with high-value audiences, explaining that using first-party data is crucial for achieving a highly granular segmentation. Petal Ads was represented by Alessandro Schintu, the Director of Ecosystem Development & Operations at Huawei.

Petal Ads Booth

The Petal Ads booth buzzed with expert discussions on branding, app campaigns, and overseas expansion tactics, attracting hundreds of visitors. Guests experienced Huawei’s latest innovative devices and learned about their successful partnerships with top global brands.