Qstream integrates with Zoom’s intelligent collaboration platform


The integration comes on the heels of Zoom’s entry into the sales enablement space.

Qstream, a provider of microlearning technology, has developed an integration with Zoom’s all-in-one intelligent collaboration platform that will transform the microlearning experience for organizations, enabling real-time collaboration across distributed field teams. With this integration, Qstream learners can now respond to scenario-based challenge questions by recording a video, and managers can provide feedback on their response.

Eight of the top ten pharmaceutical companies rely on Qstream’s microlearning solution to train and develop sales reps in the flow of their workday with challenges taking just a few minutes of their time. As the current economic state puts pressure on learning and development and sales enablement teams to reskill and upskill their workforces, this video response functionality offers an engaging way to encourage sales reps to practice their selling skills and situational responses.

Using Zoom’s robust video communication technology, Qstream learners can now engage in immersive training experiences that closely mimic real-life sales scenarios. Sales reps can record video responses on their mobile or desktop devices, and managers can easily review each video and transcript. The video response questions within Qstream enable sales managers and leaders to evaluate their teams’ performance more effectively and provide targeted coaching, resulting in improved sales effectiveness.

“We are excited about Qstream’s integration with Zoom and its ability to deliver an exceptional training experience for sales professionals. By combining the power of Zoom’s Video SDK with Qstream’s industry-leading microlearning platform, we are enabling sales reps to master their selling skills and enhance sales performance through immersive, practice-based learning,” said Steven Li, Head of Builder Ecosystem at Zoom. “This integration will not only provide more valuable training experiences for busy sales reps and their organizations, but will also further Zoom’s commitment to supercharging sales enablement.”

“Qstream is thrilled to have this integration through Zoom to offer our customers an interactive training experience,” said Jim Bowley, VP of Product Management at Qstream. “Ensuring that learners have the most up-to-date information and demonstrating mastery of key concepts required for job performance is a top priority for organizations today. Our Zoom integration offers one more method for engaging and effectively training learners from anywhere.”