Ipsos launches Ipsos RISE


The solution leverages the power of AI and Ipsos’ expertise as a single source of truth for brand and reputation management and reporting.

Ipsos, a market research company, announced the launch of Ipsos RISE: a platform for modern brand, risk and reputation management.

Powered by AI and perfected by Ipsos’ Corporate Reputation and Public Affairs experts, Ipsos RISE (Reputation Intelligence for Strategic Evaluation) is designed to guide organizations with confidence as they navigate today’s complex and fast-moving corporate risk landscape.

“With brands and businesses expected to solve societal wrongs, positively impact their communities, and lead on ESG issues – all while delivering value to shareholders and stakeholders –reputation management has never been more critical or more challenging,” said Lorenzo Larini, CEO of Ipsos North America.

“Combining the speed and efficiency of digital data solutions with the analytical rigor of survey-based research, Ipsos RISE delivers a unique and focused solution for the evolving needs of brand and communications leaders, risk managers, and public affairs teams.”

From a single, easy-to-navigate interface, Ipsos RISE synthesizes traditionally disparate sets of data – including news, social media, survey and regulatory data, and more – into a single source of truth, equally useful for high-level insights and granular analysis.

Ipsos RISE offers organizations a flexible, efficient, and agile alternative to the increasing cost and complexity of competing options – without sacrificing depth or methodological rigor. As a solution set designed with the needs of modern communications and corporate affairs teams in mind, RISE insights are available through an optional 24/7 on-demand platform, or in the form of focused reports, offering a quick turnaround on issues reporting, emerging risk sensing, competitive and campaign monitoring, regulatory risk exploration, and more.

“With more data, strategic use of AI, and the backing of Ipsos’ best-in-class expertise, Ipsos RISE delivers streamlined insights business leaders need to act swiftly and with confidence,” said Jason McGrath, Head of Ipsos’ US Corporate Reputation team. “The solution positions teams to spot and manage risk upstream. Instead of firefighting in a crisis, Ipsos RISE offers a path to proactive issues and risk management.”