SignalWire unveils its No-Code AI Agent Builder


The AI agent transcends first-generation chatbots by delivering natural, personalized customer experiences at scale.

SignalWire, the company behind the open-source communications platform, FreeSWITCH, unveiled a simplified UI for building artificial intelligence into voice applications.

SignalWire’s AI Agent enables businesses to elevate the customer experience using a swift, adaptable and “humanlike” virtual voice assistant that delivers personalized experiences at scale. The latest update empowers users—even those without development experience—to dive into voice assistant creation and build a virtual agent with complex, dynamic call flows. The new drag-and-drop interface helps users craft a unique, voice-enabled AI in minutes.

SignalWire AI Agent delivers:

Lifelike Agents

With machine-learning algorithms, text-to-speech technology and connection to advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines, users can create a warm and friendly AI receptionist that speaks more than 40 languages and adapts to various accents and dialects.

Streamlined Efficiency

SignalWire’s AI voice assistants enable businesses to boost efficiency by automating routine customer interactions, reducing customer wait time while freeing up workers to focus on more complex tasks.

Balanced Development for Every Level of Expertise

AI Agent Builder offers an intuitive, low-code introduction for those new to the product without limiting experienced developers. The platform is full of advanced programming options and powerful hooks that integrate with existing APIs, ensuring it remains accessible without sacrificing depth, versatility and complexity for those who want it.

Personalization at Scale

SignalWire AI Agent was built to be integrated into a wide variety of customer relationship management platforms, order management solutions and other backend systems to deliver personalized, effective customer support at scale.

“The mission at SignalWire since the beginning is to harness complex communications technology and make it available to developers and product builders,” said Anthony Minessale, CEO of SignalWire. “The power and flexibility of the SignalWire infrastructure enabled us to rapidly develop and integrate AI into our low-latency communications paradigm and deliver a practical set of use cases for all to access.”