Rokt partners with Six Flags Entertainment


Rokt’s AI will create a more relevant and engaging ecommerce experience.

Rokt, an ecommerce technology company using AI to make transactions more relevant to each shopper, announced that it has partnered with Six Flags Entertainment Corporation to offer more relevant experiences to the company’s customers. Rokt’s advanced AI unlocks additional revenue opportunities by presenting highly relevant offers to Six Flags customers purchasing tickets and season passes on its website.

“We are proud to partner with Six Flags to make its customer experience more relevant and engaging while unlocking additional revenue for the company,” said Elizabeth Buchanan, CCO of Rokt. “With the launch of a new mobile app experience and new subscription offerings, Six Flags has adapted to serving its customers digitally, and we are looking forward to further enhancing the ecommerce experience through this new partnership.”

Six Flags is utilizing Rokt’s machine learning technology to present highly relevant offers from brands, including Hulu, Hellofresh, and Homechef and more to each customer in the final stages of an ecommerce transaction, when they are most likely to convert. Rokt’s technology will enable Six Flags to tap additional revenues, acquire customers at scale and deepen relationships and engagement with their existing ones.

“Our partnership with Rokt has created a diversified revenue stream for our organization that has allowed us to interact with our customers in a new way,” said Stephanie Borges, Global Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Partnerships at Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. “We’re looking forward to exploring how we can expand our partnership beyond ecommerce in the future.”

Rokt’s exclusive, closed marketplace is backed by intelligence powered by billions of transactions annually across hundreds of leading ecommerce businesses. The technology enables brands to create a seamless customer experience while controlling the types of offers eligible to be displayed to their customers. Businesses partnering with Rokt have been able to unlock incremental profitability by tailoring high-performing, relevant experiences to each customer.