Sinch launches Mailgun Optimize and Mailgun Validate


Mailgun Optimize and Mailgun Validate work seamlessly with Mailgun Send to ensure delivery and deliverability.

Sinch, providers of the Customer Communications Cloud, launched Mailgun Optimize, a deliverability solution built on an email-sending platform, and Mailgun Validate, an address verification solution, as part of the Sinch Mailgun product suite.

“Mailgun takes the guesswork out of reaching the inbox, setting the stage for unmatched ROI for every email sent,” said Daniel Morris, Chief Product Officer for Communications Platform-as-a-service at Sinch, in a statement. “By bringing together Mailgun Send, Optimize, and Validate into a single platform, we are now the most reliable, scalable, and impactful email solution for enterprise brands and innovative technology companies.”

Mailgun Optimize, formerly known as InboxReady, maximizes inbox placement by helping customers build and maintain their sender reputations while avoiding disruptions like blocklisting with advanced monitoring, reporting, and visualization. Optimize is email service provider-agnostic and can be used on any platform to get actionable deliverability insights. It offers integrated Microsoft SNDS IP data, real-time bounce classification, simplified inbox placement testing, and expanded spam trap monitoring.

Mailgun Validateverifies email addresses on demand using real-world send data rather than broken SMTP handshakes. Its multilayer verification approach includes MX record validation, grammar and typo checks, domain analysis, and more.

Mailgun Send empowers businesses to send, receive, and track emails and integrate a cloud sending infrastructure through RESTful email APIs, maintained SDKs, and global compliance policies.