Solera’s XpertCX: Advancing Automotive with BPO Solutions

Solera's XpertCX: Advancing Automotive with BPO Solutions

Strategic Expansion: The Company Announces Jacksonville Office Opening to Bolster XpertCX Solutions Suite’s Growth.

Solera, the global leader in vehicle lifestyle management, introduced its BPO service offering, XpertCX Solutions Suite. Designed to redefine customer experience, this innovative suite provides a holistic approach to BPO services, offering end-to-end support across the automotive industry. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with seasoned expertise, XpertCX Solutions Suite aims to streamline operations, amplify efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction across the industry.

Additionally, as Solera continues to prioritize the growth of XpertCX Solutions Suite and its BPO arm, the company will inaugurate a new office space on March 27th, dedicated to accommodating over 400 customer service employees in Jacksonville, Florida.

“As Solera continues to innovate and be on the cutting-edge of the automotive industry, we’re proud to introduce XpertCX Solutions Suite, our comprehensive automotive BPO service suite,” said Tony Graham, Executive Vice President at Solera. “By merging technology with seasoned expertise, XpertCX Solutions Suite aims to revolutionize claims management, empowering insurers to streamline operations and elevate customer satisfaction. With a focus on empathy and efficiency, our team of industry veterans stands ready to deliver unparalleled support and seamless integration of AI technology to optimize automotive business processes.”

Comprised of a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions within the Solera portfolio, the XpertCX Solutions Suite sets a new standard for customer-centric service. The suite includes diverse services such as First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Contact Center, Auto Glass Claims Management, XpertEstimate AI and Expert Appraisers, and more, all aimed at enhancing the customer journey. The full suite of products includes:

  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Contact Center
  • Auto Glass Claims Management
  • XpertEstimate, AI and Expert Appraisers
  • Desk Review, Audit and Negotiation
  • Managed Repair, Auto Damage Claims
  • Diminished Value Assessment and Negotiation
  • Total Loss Valuations for All Vehicle Types
  • Salvage Vehicle Disposition
  • Subrogation Response Solutions
  • eProperty Water Mitigation
  • Marketing Solutions for Insurers and Dealers
  • Customer Support Contact Center

At the core of the XpertCX Solutions Suite is a team of experts with decades of experience, ready to enhance customer experience at every turn by leading with empathy and a solutions-oriented mindset. With the ability to implement always-on coverage, XpertCX Solutions Suite offers quick, efficient support through omnichannel communication, allowing customers to use their preferred communication channel. On the technology side, the solutions suite integrates AI and VI into existing tech stacks and workflows to automate mundane and time-consuming processes seamlessly. Giving customers the flexibility to choose the solutions they need to strengthen their customer experience, XpertCX Solutions Suite is a one-stop shop for automotive BPO needs.