Spryker Teams Up with Stripe for Payment Services

Spryker Teams Up with Stripe for Payment Services

The Stripe integration enables faster go-to-market in new regions, frees up developer resources for other business priorities, and simplifies internal financial processes.

Spryker, the leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B, Enterprise Marketplaces, and IoT Commerce, and Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, today announced the availability of Stripe on the Spryker App Composition Platform. With just a few clicks, enterprises can seamlessly facilitate business with customers worldwide. The Stripe integration enables faster go-to-market in new regions, frees up developer resources for other business priorities, and simplifies internal financial processes.

With one easy click, enterprises can enable Stripe in new regions worldwide, helping to increase go-to-market speed and aid in international expansion. Additionally, Spryker manages the maintenance of the Stripe app so that enterprises can rest assured they always have the most updated and secure version of the application. With fewer developer resources to implement and maintain the payment service provider (PSP), enterprises can allocate time and budget to other business priorities.

“With volatile markets and changing customer needs, enterprises require business agility to compete globally,” said Boris Lokschin, Co-founder and CEO at Spryker. “The ability to quickly implement a state-of-the-art payment option like Stripe in new regions with minimal effort will give enterprises the edge and flexibility they need to keep up with evolving customer and business demands.”

In addition to offering a leading global PSP for their customers, enterprises can utilize the very same Stripe integration to make business for themselves easier. Stripe’s Payment Element supports more than 40 different payment methods, and its optimized checkout suite has helped businesses increase their revenue by 10.5% on average.

Enterprises can also take advantage of the Stripe application’s composable and out-of-the-box capabilities, enabling faster go-to-market and a high degree of adaptability. Out-of-the-box features and self-built features work hand in hand, leading to a seamless experience for both developers and customers.

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“Payment is one of the most central parts of transactions, and we are proud to offer a seamless and fast integration with Stripe to our global enterprise customers,” said Manishi Singh, SVP App Composition Platform, Cloud & Technology Partnerships at Spryker. “Stripe’s focus on facilitating global transactions aligns with Sprykers mission to provide the leading composable platform for sophisticated transactional businesses. Together, we have built an integration specifically to enable B2B enterprises to achieve their business goals faster.”

To enhance the integration further, Spryker and Stripe plan to develop a pre-built marketplace payment integration, including split-payments, Merchant Payout, and Merchant PSP Onboarding. These additional composable capabilities will enable marketplace owners to achieve faster time-to-market, lower their total cost of ownership, and generate a higher return on investment.

The Spryker App Composition Platform is a cloud-native platform that provides enterprises with seamless access to third-party services and best-of-breed digital commerce vendors via an industry-first trial model, which includes a full-service level agreement (SLA) and software lifecycle coverage for all composed capabilities. With the Spryker App Composition Platform, enterprises can facilitate initial integrations in one click, allowing them to test the value of apps and services on their business quickly without wasting developer days.

The Spryker App Composition Platform is growing its third-party services across categories, including Payment, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Commerce, Customer, Data Integration, Marketing, Operational Cloud, etc. These applications cover all digital commerce capabilities that enterprises require. The Spryker App Composition Platform is available for all Spryker Cloud Commerce OS Customers. To find out more, visit the App Composition Platform page.