Target’s New Ad Campaign Captures ‘That Target Feeling’

Target's New Ad Campaign Captures 'That Target Feeling'

Target’s new campaign celebrates the joy of shopping with a nod to user-generated content and nostalgia.

Target’s creative agency, Mythology, and Ibra Ake from London-based production company, Somesuch, partnered to create the campaign, which draws inspiration from user-generated content Target customers post on social media.

The company is mentioned over 50,000 a day in user-generated posts and has the largest big-box retailer following on TikTok, per the retailer.

“This campaign is inspired by real experiences shoppers have shared on social — those small, fun, and sometimes unexpected moments of discovery and delight in our aisles that make us Target,” Lisa Roath, chief marketing officer of Target, said in a statement. “We’re lifting that joy in our marketing this year as we continue leaning into nostalgia and humor in new ways.”

Beyond tapping into its social media following, the retailer recently capitalized on its pop culture cache. Last month, the company enlisted Kristen Wiig, former “Saturday Night Live” writer James Anderson, and director Tom Kuntz to develop an ad featuring Wiig as her Target Lady character from SNL. The ad promoted Target’s Circle Week event and appeared across TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms.

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Target has had to consider its advertising strategy amid a challenging economic and political climate. Ahead of last year’s holiday season, the retailer highlighted its product affordability in its “However You Holiday, Do It For Less” ads. This year, the company only sells Pride-themed merchandise for adults in select stores and online following the backlash against last year’s LGBTQIA+ merchandising.