TripleLift & LiveRamp: Expanding Reach with First-Party Data Combo

TripleLift and LiveRamp Expand Partnership to Deliver Best-in-Class Reach by Combining First-Party Publisher and Advertiser Data

The new audience matching and expansion solution expands on TripleLift and LiveRamp’s successful partnership, solving for the evolving challenges in the industry, with more accurate first-party targeting.

Ad tech platform TripleLift, and data collaboration platform LiveRamp, announced an integration of TripleLift Audiences and RampID to give marketers almost limitless and scalable first-party audience solutions. 

The partnership brings together TripleLift Audiences, which delivers first-party data from publishers, with RampID, LiveRamp’s durable, privacy-centric connectivity identifier, to offer lookalike addressability across the open web without relying on cookies, IDFAs, IP addresses, or other device IDs.

The new audience matching and expansion solution expands on TripleLift and LiveRamp’s successful partnership, solving for the evolving challenges in the industry, with more accurate first-party targeting. TripleLift’s Audience Matching and Expansion capability will broaden scale and create greater use cases for connectivity to LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem, across the TripleLift exchange. Additionally, brands and agencies can leverage their own first-party data to both personalize and model across all environments.

“First-party data has been proven to be superior to third-party cookies in performance and scalability,” said Airey Baringer, VP of Product Management at Triplelift. “However, advertisers often struggle to combine their first-party data with data from other platforms to create targetable audiences in all browsers. Together with LiveRamp, TripleLift has created a bespoke, customizable, and easy-to-use experience to maximize the value of first-party data for both publishers and advertisers.”

Now, advertisers can scale lookalikes to match their own campaign goals while still maintaining high audience relevance. With this expanded partnership, advertisers can send their LiveRamp audience segments to TripleLift, who can then find the audiences, as well as lookalikes of those audiences based on publisher’s first party data. TripleLift Audiences can achieve this by matching the advertiser’s first-party audience segment to the publisher’s first-party data using RampID and AI technology to accurately find high-relevance lookalike audiences.

The collaboration provides a unique solution for targeting use cases, especially for performance advertisers seeking to reach more than half of the open web unserved by cookies, including on Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Targeting tactics such as retargeting and lookalike modeling, have long been the most effective method to find prospects. However, retargeting relies on cookies, which, by January 2025, will decrease by 70% in the open web after third-party cookie deprecation. Now, with TripleLift Audiences and RampID, advertisers can harness the power of AI to create lookalikes from their own first-party data, scaling their segments even further than ever before and allowing for a deeper understanding of their own audiences and potential audiences they may not have been able to capture before.

“Cookie deprecation aside, we’re now entering a critical period where the ecosystem should be prioritizing their first-party data strategies, and LiveRamp prioritizes working closely with partners like TripleLift who are finding ways to enhance the value and connectivity of first-party data,” said Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations and Addressability, LiveRamp. “The enhanced addressability and effectiveness from this LiveRamp and TripleLift integration will help marketers to continue maximizing the power of their first-party data, prepare to multiply the power of this data through data collaboration, and create scalable solutions that will help sustain their businesses in the post-cookie world.”

TripleLift Audiences, which launched earlier this year with 800 segments available to users, has since expanded to include 1,300 segments and virtually endless other customizable options. In September, the first large-scale test of the offering showed an average of 33% improved CPCs for advertisers and 26% improved CPMs for publishers. With its expanded partnership with LiveRamp, marketers using TripleLift Audiences for their campaigns can capture the right people at the right time and for the right price, enhanced by the unified view of customers that RampID enables.