Veho and ClearJet Join Forces

Veho and ClearJet Join Forces

This partnership promises an unparalleled two-day delivery service to customer-centric E-commerce retailers. 

Veho and ClearJet have collaborated to set a new pace in package delivery across the United States. This partnership promises to bring an unparalleled two-day delivery service to customer-centric E-commerce retailers, particularly those with West Coast distribution centers. At the heart of this collaboration is a shared vision to merge speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction into a seamless delivery experience for the modern shopper.

“With ClearJet, we are expanding the reach of our innovative delivery solutions to serve retailers with West Coast fulfillment centers and quickly and reliably deliver an exceptional experience to more of our retail clients’ customers nationwide,” Zur stated, highlighting the synergy between Veho’s flexible delivery network and ClearJet’s long-haul, middle mile air transport capabilities.

The partnership leverages ClearJet’s unique zone-skipping network, which utilizes untapped airline cargo capacity to transport lightweight parcels. This innovative approach speeds up deliveries and does so with a keen eye on enhancing package visibility and personalized customer service. Itamar Zur, Veho’s CEO and co-founder, emphasizes the strategic expansion of Veho’s delivery solutions. 

By integrating ClearJet’s software with Veho’s delivery network, the partnership promises to extend Veho’s renowned customer experience to a broader audience. This move has the potential to redefine logistics and empower national retail customers with a competitive edge in the fast-paced E-commerce market.