Vericast, Snowflake Partner to Power Engagement for Marketers

Vericast, Snowflake Partner to Power Engagement for Marketers

Vericast innovations and data products, including the NXTDRIVE customer data marketing platform, help marketers execute their strategic visions and engage customers in meaningful, privacy-safe ways.

Vericast has engaged Snowflake, the data cloud company, to help marketers reach consumers through breakthrough technology innovations and proprietary data available in Snowflake Marketplace.

Vericast innovations and data products, including the NXTDRIVE customer data marketing platform, help marketers execute their strategic visions and engage customers in meaningful, privacy-safe ways. 

Vericast’s combined alignment with Snowflake and Qonsent, a zero-party consent enablement vendor, strengthens its data privacy position and simplifies the company’s ability to onboard and manage a client’s first-party data, which is collected and managed to be consistent with the consumer’s privacy preferences.

“What distinguishes Vericast is our data, expertise, marketing technologies, campaign experience, and relationships built over 50 years,” said Pradeep Ittycheria, president, Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions at Vericast. “We use this collective know-how to build innovative solutions – from navigating the complex consumer-first privacy landscape to delivering consistent returns on data intelligence. We focus on marketing activation that drives results and builds meaningful consumer engagements and experiences.”

Vericast marketing technologies Powered by Snowflake include:

NXTDRIVE Customer Data Marketing Platform

Vericast’s NXTDRIVE empowers marketers to overcome data challenges. It delivers a unified, user-friendly solution to streamline first-party data utilization, boost marketing intelligence, and drive personalized customer engagement for optimized performance.

NXTDRIVE leverages Snowflake’s powerful structured query language format for data cleansing, querying and managing databases; automated on-demand data ingestion services; and audience segmentation to categorize customers based on behavior, preferences, and demographic attributes, among other capabilities. NXTDRIVE preserves privacy while identifying individuals across clouds and providers to understand customer behavior better.

Vericast Data Products in Snowflake

Vericast’s alignment with Snowflake extracts new value for brands with offerings driven by the company’s vast online and offline data, now connected within the Snowflake ecosystem and enabled via Vericast’s data mesh. The data mesh, an infrastructure strategy of modern data organizations, drives enhanced discoverability and utilization of Vericast data assets at scale, more efficiently empowering data product creation and activation.

Vericast’s data products in the Snowflake ecosystem unlock benefits for brands that:

  • Derive deeper consumer insights and a new means to drive prescriptive marketing
  • Provide more measurement attribution capabilities
  • Offer unique derivative data product possibilities with clients and partners
  • Provide a secure way to extract value without sacrificing data integrity or the consumer’s privacy preferences, whether that is feeding data science models or direct activation

Vericast data products “New Movers” and “New Construction Post-Movers” are available now in the Snowflake Marketplace. “New Movers” allows marketers to reach consumers on the move, containing an estimated 125,000 weekly buyers of new and existing homes. “New Construction Post-Movers” allows marketers to reach movers in newly built and occupied residential homes. It contains an estimated 35,000 addresses weekly.

These newest data products are primarily built with licensed U.S. Postal Service® data and verified by Vericast using patented hygiene and identity resolution technology to ensure accurate tracking. The company’s decades-long relationship with the USPS® provides the highest quality, single source, and most current address database with nearly 100% coverage of U.S. mailing addresses.

Vericast plans to expand in Snowflake with more opportunities for brands to realize value with its data assets from the company’s DSP activation, attribution, measurement, and USPS relationship. Utilizing its data mesh, expansion may include additional data products; services for data acquisition, enrichment, matching, and wellness; data-driven offerings derived from Vericast’s online plus offline data and insights; AI and machine learning-driven data solutions, among other value drivers created with partners in Snowflake’s ecosystem.