Givenchy Beauty Transforms Roblox for Pride Month

Givenchy Beauty Transforms Roblox for Pride Month

The luxury beauty brand overhauled its space on the platform to feature rainbows, flags, and a pop-up showcasing virtual wearables from LGBTQ+ designers.

Givenchy Beauty is overhauling its Beauty House Roblox space for a Pride Month experience, building on its two years of experience with the platform in a push for LGBTQ+ inclusivity. The move arrives as many brands navigate a tense period for purpose marketing amid ongoing culture wars and fears of consumer backlash. Accordingly, other brands like Target have dialed back their Pride Month-related efforts this year.

Givenchy’s Roblox space was reimagined to celebrate love, acceptance, and diversity, per release details, now featuring rainbows, flags, and other experiences meant to fuel an electric atmosphere and “joyous Pride party.” The effort includes an interactive pop-up featuring collections of wearable virtual items designed by creators on the platform. Each week, designers affiliated with the LGBTQ+ community will display their work in the pop-up, and players can browse and try on various items, showcasing the looks on a revamped runway.

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A new virtual item inspired by a Givenchy Couture accessory, the Voyou bag, will be revealed as part of the Pride Month activation and released in a virtual form during the last week of June. Givenchy Beauty, a maker of fragrances, makeup, and skincare products, is owned by parent company LVMH.

Other features of the Roblox experience include a station with fresh makeup looks and a selfie area set against a rainbow backdrop. The Gang also redesigned the space’s dance floor and added original music from Like Fire, a creative studio dedicated to cultural activations. Weekly quests are meant to engage shoppers, spotlight the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, and offer the chance to win exclusive Pride UGC items.

The latest Roblox play from Givenchy follows the success of its “Festive Winter Escape” immersive experience, per the release, which allowed players to explore a winter wonderland and test a limited-edition collection of beauty items. The effort also contributes to Givenchy and LVMH’s commitment to LGBTQ+ charities. In 2022, Givenchy Parfums worked with Like Fire to create a piece of digital artwork in partnership with the Rewind artist collective and London gallery owner Amar Singh and donated profits to the Le MAG Jeunes LGBTQ+ association.

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Roblox remains a valuable opportunity for marketers looking to shore up a stronger connection with younger audiences, with more than half of the platform’s 71.5 million daily active users part of the Gen Z demographic. Other luxury brands have also sought a presence in the space, including Gucci, which opened a persistent digital space on the platform in 2022. Earlier this year, German fashion house Hugo Boss promoted the debut of its new denim-focused line with a Planet Hugo world on the platform.