Ikea Offers Paid Remote Work in Roblox Store

Ikea Offers Paid Remote Work in Roblox Store

The Swedish retailer is offering jobs to 10 people to staff the digital space and drive real-world recruitment.

While Roblox has become a go-to for brands that want to connect with younger consumers, Ikea is taking a fresh approach and focusing on potential employees. The activation is part of a larger push from the furniture seller, “Careers Done Different,” meant to attract new employees.

“The Co-Worker Game” mimics the look and feel of a brick-and-mortar Ikea, with players visiting an on-site restaurant and using Ikea products to organize the virtual space. The virtual experience was designed to provide younger consumers with working experience and promote career opportunities in real-world Ikea stores, where non-linear career journeys and moves across departments are commonplace, per press details.

The game tries to mimic actual employment as closely as possible, with those chosen for digital positions set to receive the same hourly pay rate as someone working in a London store. Those wishing to apply need an updated CV and the ability to participate in video interviews, which will take place between June 14 and June 18.

Roblox has been widely embraced by brands to create immersive experiences that are often shopping-related and targeted at the platform’s core users, 60% of whom are under 16 years old. The Ikea effort is the latest example of a marketer exploring the platform’s potential to engage consumers beyond brand-building and shopping. Wow, Bao became the first fast-casual restaurant to gate Roblox items behind a rewards program earlier this year. These efforts arrive as Roblox continues ramping up platform advertising opportunities.

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Ikea’s Roblox activation comes just months after the retailer launched its first global brand campaign. “Do Try This At Home” showcases the brand’s affordable offerings while embracing fun when cost-of-living indexes are on the rise.