Innovid Enables Self-Service Creation of Interactive CTV Ad Experiences

Innovid Enables Self-Service Creation of Interactive CTV Ad Experiences

Innovid announced its self-service creation of interactive CTV ad experiences for live-streaming events at scale. 

Innovid, an independent platform for creating, delivering, measuring, and optimizing advertising across connected TV (CTV), linear TV, and digital, announced industry-wide availability of the latest self-service feature within its CTV Composer authoring tool. For the first time, brands and publishers can create interactive CTV experiences in-house, at scale, for live streaming events. 

Dan Mouradian, SVP, Global Client Solutions at Innovid, said, “High-value live content, like sports and awards, have historically been pillars of linear – but that’s changing. As live events move to CTV, and TV becomes 100% digital, advertisers have a unique opportunity to engage audiences at scale with personalized, interactive formats. They now have the technology to accomplish it on their own. Innovid is solving the challenges that arise with the concurrence of every viewer seeing ads. We have paved the way for mass personalization and interactive advertising during live events.”

With live events increasingly migrating to streaming, advertisers can take creative experiences to the next level with engaging, personalized ads – from brand-building and retention ads to shoppable formats that drive direct engagement and conversions. 

Innovid’s CTV Composer offers a catalog of plug-and-play formats, features, and dynamic creative strategies that can run across any streamed content on more than 25 CTV device types, reaching nearly every household in the U.S. 

Advertisers can easily create interactive and dynamic ads that engage the viewer with elements like QR codes for a direct path to purchase and showcase relevant messages based on data signals like game start times or lineups. While CTV Composer has historically been used for live-streamed events with support from the Innovid team, advertisers can now build these types of campaigns in-house and at scale via the self-service functionality on Innovid’s platform. In Q4 2023 alone, CTV Composer created ads for nearly 700 campaigns, accounting for more than 202 million impressions.  

Digitally delivering high volumes of impressions simultaneously is complex, challenging advertisers’ ability to run advanced creatives at scale during live streaming events. Innovid’s advanced creative technology is built on the Innovid platform, which delivers over 1.3 billion ads per day and is designed to handle high-quality video at scale for the best possible creative experiences across streamed content, including live events.