Pelmorex Corp. enhances Weather Experience with Generative AI


Your Weather Assistant is the first in a series of transformational innovative solutions.

Pelmorex Corp., which owns and operates weather brands The Weather Network, MétéoMédia,, Clima, and, is announcing the launch of Your Weather Assistant, a generative AI tool to transform the way people consume weather information. This is the first in a series of innovations from Pelmorex as they embark on becoming an AI-frontiered weather and climate organization, with a focus on helping users and businesses make informed decisions using cutting-edge technology.

“The introduction of this generative AI technology takes our users’ weather and climate-related inquiry experience to the next level,” said Pelmorex President and CEO Dr Nana Banerjee. “It is a new paradigm that directly addresses the personalization needs of our users instead of having them compile bits of data or information from various sources.”

Your Weather Assistant is available on The Weather Network app and online in English, with French and Spanish language capabilities currently in development, and helps people get personalized weather recommendations through the power of AI. The patent-pending product blends weather data with language learning to provide consumers with real-time information to plan their day and activities.

As users embrace this new era of enriched and interactive forecasts to navigate their daily activities, many are also business professionals expecting comparable advancements in B2B weather risk offerings. The initial insights derived from the consumer platform will be pivotal in setting the groundwork for Pelmorex’s AI-centric approach, which will empower its clients to efficiently handle weather-related risks in their operations through data-driven actionable solutions.