Tipalti partners with Phonexa


The integration also provides seamless onboarding for customers, and it will greatly simplify the commission payment process.

Phonexa has partnered with Tipalti, a payables automation platform, to launch an integration for Phonexa clients that will make global payment methods automated, compliant, and easier than ever for affiliate marketers and publishers.

The integration gives customers of Phonexa’s Books360 accounting product optimized automated payment methods across wire transfers, US ACH, or checks, all while processing and collecting the proper W-9, W-8 series, or VAT ID forms and producing submission-ready 1099 and 1042-S reports along the way.

“Tiplati is a one-stop shop for automated payments, all while collecting the necessary information accounting departments will need at the end of each year,” said Mara Garcia, Phonexa’s Chief Financial Officer. “If you have a publisher and want to pay them through Tipalti, you can do it through Phonexa with just a few clicks on the platform. It makes the payment automation even easier. Our customers are always looking for efficient optimization of end-to-end operations, and our alliance with Tipalti allows for them to further streamline, simplify, and evolve their business.”

Tipalti offers a scalable platform that provides publishing partners with the freedom to choose their desired payment methods, as well as guaranteed commission payouts on time, all while verifying payment details using over 26,000 rules across networks in 196 countries using 120 currencies.

“Partnering with a global-ready software like Phonexa allows us to offer an ‘all-in-one’ solution for our clients,” said Zach Svendsen, Vice President of Alliances at Tipalti. “Our customers now have the ability to track performance and partner marketing, with built-in payments, all in one place, which helps drive additional revenue across all channels. The partnership gives our clients the tools they need to provide a best-in-class experience for their payees – whether they are affiliates, publishers, or any other type of partner.”

Books360 is a core product in the Phonexa Suite. Books360 generates cash flow reports for automated invoicing and payouts from web or call-based campaigns for Phonexa’s clients. By seamlessly integrating with Phonexa’s different solution platforms, Books360 has value for those looking to streamline their bookkeeping and automate critical accounting processes.